Palo Alto’s Cortex XDR Solution

By Caleb Kwong | Jul 20, 2021 |
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Having Extended Detection and Response (XDR) technology can provide holistic visibility so your team is not overwhelmed with alerts and various silos of security programs. Here are the various benefits of this type of cybersecurity technology:

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Network Access Control and Mobile Enterprise

By Caleb Kwong | Jun 30, 2021 |
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Network Access Control (NAC) policies tend to be more robust and flexible than traditional edge-focused control protocols. We have chosen to explore in detail a few key components of Aruba’s award-winning ClearPass NAC platform as it pertains to mobile enterprise.

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The Benefits of Managed Detection and Response Solutions

By Caleb Kwong | May 18, 2021 |
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Data breaches can lead to numerous business risks, such as system downtime, equipment failure, or even legal consequences. Outsourcing key technical duties to trained industry experts provides organizations an affordable alternative to staffing, training, and maintaining their own internal information technology (IT) departments.

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The Top Threats to the Cloud – Azure & the AWS

By Caleb Kwong | Mar 16, 2021 |
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In these uncertain times, especially with that of COVID-19, many businesses across Corporate America are looking for new alternatives in which to not only protect their digital assets, but also their IT/Network infrastructures.  Because of this, they are now moving entirely to a Cloud-based platform, making use of the juggernauts known as Azure and the…

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The Impacts of Compromised Credentials

By Caleb Kwong | Mar 3, 2021 |
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Cyberattackers are not interested in finding targets en masse, but rather, they are now interested in selecting just a few and finding their weakest spots.

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The Zero Trust Framework

By Caleb Kwong | Jan 28, 2021 |

Introduction As we see the number of COVID19 cases spike out of control, the concept of the remote workforce is going to be around for a long time to come, most likely even into early 2022.  With this in mind, many businesses are now thoroughly assessing and taking stock of what they can do to…

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The Impacts of Phishing During COVID19

By Caleb Kwong | Oct 20, 2020 |

Introduction There is no doubt that the COVID19 Pandemic has turned this world upside down, to degrees and proportions that have never seen before.  This is especially true from the standpoint of Cybersecurity.  While the threat landscape has been changing even well before all of this hit, it has exploded into new frontiers that are…

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Cybersecurity Roundtable – Trends We’ve Noticed Since COVID

By Caleb Kwong | Jul 16, 2020 |
What You Need to Know About New Healthcare Devices and Network Security

I am sure that all of us are getting tired of hearing about COVID19 in some way, shape, or form. But unfortunately, this is the new normal, and this virus does not look like it is going away anytime soon. So, we have to deal with what we have now, and try to come to grips with…

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5 Ways Your Organization is Helping Hackers

By Caleb Kwong | Aug 14, 2018 |

Do you know how crucial cybersecurity is? Any company in any industry needs to realize that cybersecurity is important. Without prevention, you may be setting yourself up for network hacking in the near future. These five reasons are some of the many ways organizations are risking their network’s security: 1. Your company/staff uses weak passwords.…

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What Would a Healthcare Breach Cost You?

By Caleb Kwong | Jul 2, 2018 |
What Would a Health Care Breach Cost You?

Even with the amount of perceived security you think your network may contain without any added protection, a healthcare data breach is still very much possible. It can be hard to figure an exact number, but can you afford what a healthcare breach would cost? Statistics, unfortunately, prove the latter. In 2016, just 15 breaches…

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