What is on your network?

Did you know that 40% of business do not know what devices exist on their network? It is critical to know all devices in your environment, even before they join the network. Some of the biggest challenges for IoT security is the ability to see Bluetooth devices connected to other devices; traditional NAC products are not able to solve that challenge.


Useful and Effective Tools


See every device. Every connection.


Armis is an agentless IoT security that instantly protects your business. A big reason it is consistent with Savant Solutions' recommendations is that it provides complete visibility. It is a bigger challenge for your security team when they are being attacked by devices they don't know exist. Armis also discovered BlueBorne, a Bluetooth vulnerability, that affects over 5.2 billion devices that they are able to resolve. Bluetooth devices can now be infected without pairing or authorization which makes it easily widespread, affecting your organization and others.


Simplify network segmentation.

Forescout provides the ability to see devices the instant they connect to the network and enforce policy-based control of these devices. They also have the ability to orchestrate information sharing and automate workflows among disparate security and IT management tools. Forescout also integrates well with Palo Alto Networks, Splunk, Rapid 7, etc.

This is a quick demo of how Android devices can be taken over. Savant Solutions has the capability to help stop these attacks and eliminate your IoT blindspot, ask us how.