Are you safe?

Hackers continue to get more creative at finding ways to penetrate your network through IoT devices, POS, Third Party Vendors, and more. There is no silver bullet to stop attackers, if they really want to get into your network it's only a matter of time before they do it. The best case in these scenarios is to make getting in so time-consuming that the hackers lose interest and focus on someone else instead. Attackers know there are easier targets; they'd rather attack those who are unprotected and where they can easily exfiltrate valuable data. Savant Solutions can show you how prevention is possible.


Useful and Effective Tools


You need visibility in your network.

You need a firewall at the edge of your network that has visibility to all your traffic including your applications. In our opinion, Palo Alto Networks does this best. They are the first to come up the Next Generation Firewall because they knew that traditional firewalls no longer were sufficient; blocking ports and protocols are irrelevant when your application can jump through multiple ports.

Their architecture is also unique because they use a single-pass architecture. This architecture enables full, contextual classification of traffic, followed by a rich set of enforcement and threat prevention options. Additionally, it classifies and controls traffic in a “single pass” through the firewall using a variety of stream-based technology components. This is unique in the industry, allowing you to achieve superior security posture and efficiency.

You must enable your firewall to decrypt all SSL traffic or you are making it much easier to bypass your security posture.


You need protection from email attacks

Today’s business transcends the bounds of traditional network perimeters and connected endpoints. It transpires over email. It flows through social networks. It plays out across all types of mobile devices. Savant Solutions recommends Proofpoint to prevent attacks over email.

Protect against inbound attacks and secure sensitive outbound data leaving your organization. Proofpoint's extensible next-generation platform gives you clear visibility into all email communication. And their search and reporting capabilities help you to identify and prioritize security incidents. They also help prevent phishing and spoofing attacks.  


You need operation intelligence.

With all the machine data that is being collected from your network you need to be able to search, monitor, and analyze to provide powerful insights to your SOC, CISO's, and administrators. With Splunk you have the capability to make a correlation of events to see if you are under attack. You can create custom dashboards and gives you live data about your environment.  You can also quickly respond to attacks through Splunk (e.g. if an attack is coming from an external IP, you can quickly apply a new policy in Splunk and the rule set gets applied to your Palo Alto Networks firewall). When you are under attack, seconds matter!