What is Proofpoint?

Criminals know the easiest way into your company is through its staff. They use many tactics to gain access to data and accounts. Email is the main attack vector targeting users with admin access. In fact, over 90% of attacks start with an email, according to a recent report from Verizon. Experts at Proofpoint know this risk and give businesses the tools they need to protect themselves. Therefore, Fortune 500 companies trust Proofpoint’s Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) platform to fortify their company’s email security. 

Benefits of Proofpoint 

Teams send and receive dozens of emails every day. Their addresses are clearly shown on business cards, websites, and social media profiles. Most messages are sent from clients and coworkers, but some are certainly not. It can be difficult to see a phishing attempt or bad attachment if you’re unaware of red flags. Proofpoint’s next-generation email security software allows clear visibility into all email accounts. Sandboxing of file types and environments including zip files, embedded URLs, and protected documents comes standard. Proofpoint also helps teams find and fix risks while reducing phishing attempts through end-user training. We recommend this world-renowned cyber security company for these reasons. 

  1. Greater Visibility 

Proofpoint TAP gives teams a bird’s eye view of all their company email accounts. It shows detailed data about how attacks impact operations, and its dashboard rates risks in many ways. Company email addresses are ranked according to users’ Attack Index, threat type, severity, and number of messages and clicks. Attack descriptions can be expanded for a better description of how the threats were carried out. Valuable metrics such as spread and targeting give insight into the number of affected targets and locations. 

Security teams use this greater visibility to detect and analyze risks early. Whether cybercriminals employ phishing tactics, dangerous attachments, or malicious URLs, Proofpoint TAP collects and clearly displays these specific threats. Organizations can then find key threats to build greater resiliency in the future. 

  1. Robust Reporting 

This tool doesn’t simply guard against risks. It uses machine learning to detect the patterns in criminals’ behaviors and techniques. This insight allows teams to learn and adapt to different threat landscapes, making future incidents easier to avoid. Samples of malicious subject lines, hashtags, file names, URLs, and email templates are available at a glance. In this way, Proofpoint translates people risk into business risk, giving managers the data needed to make educated decisions. 

High-profile teams with privileged access are major targets for attacks. Their credentials must be protected, and Proofpoint TAP makes this simple with its “Very Attacked People” (VAP) grouping. The platform helps security teams know their VAPs by giving users a weighted score based on all threats received. This Attack Index ranks risks on a scale based on attack type, spread, focus, volume, sophistication. Such assessments allow companies to tailor their responses in the best ways possible. 

  1. Awareness Training 

Proofpoint also supplies data-driven security trainings. This is critical in today’s constantly evolving threat landscape. Reducing human error means the difference between a data breach and email security for most businesses. Therefore, prioritizing end-user education guarantees proper responses to increasing instances of phishing attempts and social engineering.  

Proofpoint encourages teams to stay ahead of attackers by helping them know threats, reduce exposure, and change their tactics. Threat simulations allow measurements of user risk from phishing, USB, and SMS attack vectors. This empowers teams to report suspicious while helping admins automate threat responses and send quick feedback. Customized knowledge assessments also ensure users are engaged through video, game-based, or interactive training modules. Teams which are informed about cyber security best practices are better equipped to handle the various threats they may face. 


Cyber security isn’t optional for modern companies in the digital age. Teams are targeted by criminals via their email addresses, making training and security software vital for success. Proofpoint’s TAP platform and awareness training are trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world. If you’re looking to secure your business emails and devices, we hope you’ll contact us today. 

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