Network Security: Ignoring it Doesn’t Make You Safe

The average consolidated total cost of a data breach: $4 million. – 2016 IBM Cost of Data Breach Study

You’re busy, and we know that. Network security is something you think about in the way that you think about things like flossing: yep, should do it, nope, don’t want to right now. And when it comes to knowing where to start, it’s an even bigger ask than what your hygienist typically guilts you for.

That’s why we’re here.

You have a lot of responsibilities, maybe network security isn’t even something that’s technically on YOUR list, but we’ll bet you still think about it. And every day it seems like there’s another ransomware attack that targets someone in your industry or gets you thinking you might be next.

Well, you might be next.

Yes, it takes time and effort. Yes, it takes money. But you know what takes more time and more money? A security breach.

We don’t mean to be all doom and gloom, and we certainly aren’t into scare tactics. But the reality is that your organization could become a target, and in our experience, an ounce of prevention is worth way more than a pound of cure.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

​Be the hero of your organization and contact us today. Our trusted IT advisors can help you come up with a plan to mitigate risk and help you sleep at night.

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