Agentless Network Monitoring with Armis

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Almost every professional environment is now filled with interconnected devices. From corporate enterprises to the healthcare and manufacturing industries, many organizations now maintain their own internet of things (IoT). Such interconnection can reduce overhead and streamline processes, but it also opens up company networks to a wide range of new security risks. The truth is…

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Legacy Systems and Security

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It’s time to rethink the industry’s approach to cybersecurity. The conventional strategy of defending perimeters by guessing at threats is currently outmatched. Today’s attacks easily bypass yesterday’s security controls, and modern organizations now demand a deeper level of defense. The solution lies in automated, runtime protection rather than reactive detection and response. This novel approach…

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Patch and Vulnerability Management with Tanium

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Legacy endpoint security solutions are failing modern organizations. They were built to protect limited, on-site systems that rarely changed over time. However, today’s CIOs and their teams are expected to manage countless endpoints distributed across diverse network configurations. Each comes with its own set of vulnerabilities that must be monitored in real-time to ensure performance.…

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Prisma Cloud from Palo Alto Networks

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Cloud-based applications are being created and deployed at such rapid rates that security teams often struggle to keep up. The need for an integrated cloud security solution is evident, and Palo Alto Networks has the answer. Its Prisma Cloud platform is the industry’s leading cloud-native security solution.

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Arctic Wolf MDR

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Arctic Wolf’s cutting-edge managed detection and response (MDR) solution offers 24/7 real-time incident response and containment. We’re reviewing some of the main benefits of this system.

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Ping Identity Custom IAM Solutions

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Today’s businesses are adjusting to shifting models and expectations. Remote work and cloud applications both present great opportunities for growth, as well as challenges to security. The wrong decision in these instances can severely impact costs, risks, revenue, and complexity. Successful organizations employ automated systems which enhance their data protection, user control, and overall flexibility

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How We Perform Cybersecurity Assessments

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Cybersecurity is no longer optional for modern organizations. However, it’s hard to know what you need without knowing where you already are. This is why, at Savant Solutions, we are proud to offer comprehensive cybersecurity assessments for our clients. This process can help your team gain a deeper understanding into where their systems are most protected and most vulnerable from cyberattacks.  

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Top 5 Cybersecurity Best Practices

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October was Cybersecurity Awareness Month. While it’s always important to have good technology habits, it’s now more critical than ever. Cybercrime is on the rise around the world, and nobody wants to be a target. Criminals will try just about anything to gain unauthorized access to accounts and a single breach can leave anyone scrambling to recover. Sadly, cybersecurity best practices are…

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Cohesity’s Modern Backup and Recovery Approach

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Data is any modern enterprise’s most precious digital resource and, like any other valuable asset, it should be securely accessible at all times. Unfortunately, this valuable resource often becomes a costly and risky liability when mishandled. Data management service providers now face an ever-growing abundance of data fragmentation across different sources, silos, clouds, and software applications. Industry-leading cybersecurity firm Cohesity brings remarkable innovation to data backup, recovery, and fragmentation with their comprehensive solutions DataPlatform and DataProtect. We have…

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