Legacy Systems and Security

It’s time to rethink the industry’s approach to cybersecurity. The conventional strategy of defending perimeters by guessing at threats is currently outmatched. Today’s attacks easily bypass yesterday’s security controls, and modern organizations now demand a deeper level of defense. The solution lies in automated, runtime protection rather than reactive detection and response. This novel approach can provide unmatched server security while workloads are still running, and even on vulnerable legacy systems. 

Continuous Workload Protection 

Many traditional security tools leave modern systems exposed. Their constant scan-patch-scan cycles rely on prior knowledge, often missing real attacks while producing countless false alarms. These probabilistic tactics severely reduce performance via alert fatigue and drawn-out attacker dwell times. 

Applications should be predictable. Developers design them to do specific jobs and follow repeatable paths without deviation. Sadly, today’s malware can hijack applications at the web, host, system, or memory level and trick them into going haywire. This is clear from the 2020 SolarWinds breach, the 2021 Kaseya ransomware attack, and ongoing Apache Log4j vulnerabilities

A protection-first cybersecurity model is needed. Organizations now require a direct line of sight into all components, application code, and composite workloads during runtime. Their systems must defend against any known and unknown vulnerabilities, without guessing, as events unfold in real-time. They need a process to end guesswork, reduce false positive alerts, and stop cyberattacks from executing in the first place. 

Virsec is leading the way forward with its Deterministic Protection Platform (DPP). This revolutionary system provides continuous full stack workload security from the inside out. It protects critical server infrastructure on any application workload across any environment by stopping advanced unknown, zero-day, fileless, and memory attacks within milliseconds. Virsec’s DPP delivers virtual patching for any new or legacy application, and it works without accessing source code, changing applications, or requiring the help of developers. 

Legacy System Security 

Today’s threat landscape presents a severe risk to outdated technology and applications. However, maintaining critical application security on legacy systems can be slow, complex, disruptive, and expensive. Unfortunately, some vendors still support these systems, and many organizations cannot afford infrastructure upgrades. 

Updating critical infrastructure is a major process. Successful transitions require a significant amount of planning and resources, and months or years of downtime. Whether by choice or necessity, organizations must often choose between accepting the risk associated with legacy systems or shutting down their operations entirely. 

With Virsec’s DPP, organizations can reduce security cost, ensure compliance, and extend the lifespan of their legacy systems. This is invaluable, especially when support has ceased or vendors have gone out of business. DPP reduces the risk of using legacy technologies by ensuring continuous runtime protection against hidden tactics like malicious inputs, evasive injections, and unauthorized code executions. It can automatically mitigate advanced zero-day attacks on legacy systems while reducing alert fatigue and meeting strict compliance standards like PCI, HIPAA, and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. 

Virsec accomplishes this with its patented Trusted ExecutionTM technology. DPP maps the correct flow of all application workloads, regardless of age or platform, and instantly stops them from executing unauthorized changes and deviations. From web server exploits to memory corruption, it protects against all known and unknown fileless attacks in real-time. DPP also delivers detailed, actionable forensics with a user-friendly dashboard and comprehensive reporting. Its deterministic nature eliminates false positives, improves organizational risk posture, and always ensures critical systems are running as intended. 

Defend Your Critical Applications 

Traditional detection and response systems are no match for today’s threat actors. Modern organizations need continuous, deterministic workload protection for their critical applications and legacy systems. We’re committed to helping our clients leverage cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions like Virsec’s Deterministic Protection Platform. If you have questions about this innovative platform or are ready to get started, then please reach out today for details. 

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