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Much of tomorrow’s enterprises will run in the cloud. This is likely because the recent rise of hybrid and remote workforces may remain for years to come. However, cloud-based applications are being created and deployed at such rapid rates that security teams often struggle to keep up. The need for an integrated cloud security solution is evident, and Palo Alto Networks has the answer. Its Prisma Cloud platform is the industry’s leading cloud-native security solution. Let’s take a closer look at why. 

Cloud Security 

We’re in the midst of a digital shift. Many modern companies are moving their operations to the cloud. Not only does this allow teams to work remotely, it can also streamline processes and encourage collaboration. Although, most legacy and siloed security tools can’t compete without cloud context. They simply weren’t designed for that type of environment. 

Application developer operations (DevOps) teams, in particular, have unique needs in terms of cloud security. They must work closely with security operations (SecOps) teams to ensure their code is both secure and compliant. DevOps is often under tight time constraints, too, which pressures SecOps to match its pace to continue production. This is especially tough when security teams manage alerts one ticket at a time. SecOps may then be left in the dark, overwhelmed by alerts without constructive context. 

The solution is a cloud-native approach that empowers SecOps to integrate seamlessly with DevOps pipelines. It must allow security teams to detect and manage sophisticated risks in real time throughout the entire application lifecycle. That way, development can continue on schedule while remaining complaint with all necessary regulations. 

Prisma Cloud 

Palo Alto Networks recently acquired Twistlock, a leader in container security, and integrated it with their Prisma Cloud platform. Twistlock founders Ben Bernstein and Duma Stopel also joined the team in 2019. Palo Alto Networks stated that this acquisition advances their ability to secure modern cloud applications at all stages of development. 

Prisma Cloud is a complete cloud-native security platform that enables SecOps and DevOps to collaborate and accelerate secure application development. It also integrates with other cloud architectures to ensure comprehensive security without creating operational silos. Prisma Cloud features various cloud capabilities, from code security and posture management to workload, network, and identity security. 

Prisma Cloud Code Security and Posture Management 

This cutting-edge platform provides full-stack security from code to cloud. It allows DevOps to utilize containers and infrastructure-as-code (IaC) templates to quickly update cloud applications. Prisma Cloud offers enhanced control, visibility, and automation of fixes for vulnerabilities embedded in developer tools. It supports IaC security through scanning of secrets, repositories, and container images. 

Effective cloud security relies on robust posture management protocols. Prisma Cloud supports visibility from over 30 sources to assess risks and prevent insecure configurations from reaching the production phase. It features cloud asset inventories, configuration runtime assessments, as well as simplified compliance monitoring and reporting. Threat detection is further enhanced through user and entity behavior analytics, network traffic visibility, and automated investigation and response tools. 

Workload Protection 

Developers must adapt to an evolving cloud landscape to deploy applications rapidly at any scale. Prisma Cloud integrates security measures into existing workflows, registries and running stacks. It supports vulnerability and compliance management, runtime security, and access control for hosts, containers, and serverless configurations. It also features Git repository scanning for enhanced container security, as well as web application and API protection. 

Network and Identity Security 

Consistent network security policies are necessary regardless of the environment. Prisma Cloud seamlessly adapts to both cloud-native and hybrid infrastructures. It detects and blocks issues by reviewing traffic flow logs, enforcing identity-based container segmentation, and enforcing cloud-native firewalling. 
Prisma Cloud also supports identity access management across cloud environments. This helps security teams keep up with the growing number of developer roles, policies, and privileges. It does this by automatically detecting and resolving access risks across infrastructure-as a-service and platform-as-a-service use cases. Prisma Cloud discovers all users and devices to provide greater permissions visibility, governance, and response times. 


Cloud security is a must in the 21st century. As more companies and developers move operations to public and private cloud networks, they risk overlooking threats and compliance with industry regulations. Palo Alto Networks offers affordable and effective security solutions for hybrid and cloud-native environments. If you’re interested in learning more about Prisma Cloud, please contact us for details. Our team will gladly explore the benefits of this industry-leading platform at your convenience. 

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