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The modern cyberthreat landscape is growing. This challenges all organizations to prepare and respond quickly to numerous risks. Unfortunately, finding, training, and retaining security professionals is a major obstacle to any quality threat response. The need for a personalized, holistic security solution is clear, and Arctic Wolf MDR steps up to fill this need. Artic Wolf Networks processes over 200 billion security events daily across thousands of installations worldwide. Their cutting-edge managed detection and response (MDR) solution offers 24/7 real-time incident response and containment. Here’s an overview of the various benefits of Arctic Wolf MDR. 

Benefits of Arctic Wolf MDR 

Arctic Wolf Networks (AWN) is a global leader in the cybersecurity industry. They address the ineffectiveness of legacy threat response methods with their suite of innovative applications. Their managed detection and response system offers a scalable, affordable solution to outdated firewalls, endpoint protections, and security silos.  

Arctic Wolf MDR works alongside a company’s existing technology stack to bolster the effectiveness of many tools already in place. It offers continuous network inspection, automatic log collection and analysis, cloud security, endpoint visibility, threat detection, managed containment, and incident response. These leading-edge technologies also combine with a human element: a dedicated concierge security team that’s available 24/7. As a result, AWN provides a superior platform for proactively hunting threats, analyzing incidents, and presenting remediation plans. 

This flexible security operations center (SOC) also eliminates alert fatigue and false positives. Because of this, Artic Wolf promotes faster detection and response capabilities tailored to the specific needs of any organization. It does this all for a fraction of the cost of staffing and training experienced security personnel. 

Dedicated Concierge Security Team 

The Concierge Security Team (CST) is a single point of contact for Arctic Wolf MDR users. It serves as a trusted operations advisor and an extension of your internal team. Dedicated security experts offer 24×7 monitoring of networks and devices, custom protection rules, as well as alert triage and prioritization. They also specialize in guided remediation, detailed reporting, audit support, and ongoing strategic security reviews. 

Arctic Wolf Networks’ CST excels at finding risks in their customers’ environments. This dedicated security team works directly with companies to provide personalized suggestions for every type of infrastructure. They use Artic Wolf Networks’ hybrid AI, custom rules engine, and security optimized data architecture to greatly improve threat detection. In fact, they found latent threats in 73% of environments within the first three months of engagement.  

Why We Choose Arctic Wolf MDR 

Cybercrime is big business in the 21st century. Criminals use complex attack vectors to exploit data, users, and companies for profit. The rise in remote and hybrid work environments also gives them countless new exposed targets. Modern companies require a modern cybersecurity solution that is flexible, affordable, and 100% reliable. 

This is why we recommend Arctic Wolf MDR for our clients. In fact, we’re the #1 state, local, and education (SLED) partner for Artic Wolf Networks on the west coast. Their advanced platform fills the gap left by outdated, siloed approaches to cybersecurity. It’s also effective for organizations of any size, and can be scaled up or down with ease. Its cutting-edge applications work with your current systems to create a holistic, personalized shield against a variety of risks. Together with the dedicated security team, it offers broad visibility, consistent monitoring, and proactive threat hunting. Plus, its incident response and remediation are unmatched, enhanced by security awareness training to support cybersecurity best practices


Traditional methods of cybersecurity have an effectiveness problem. If teams employ too many tools, then complexity, false positives, and alert fatigue tend to spiral out of control. Artic Wolf MDR fills the need for a simple solution to the growing threat landscape facing modern organizations. Paired with AWN’s dedicated security team, it’s one of the best cybersecurity platforms on the market today. If you have questions or would like more information about this solution, we encourage you to reach out. We will gladly discuss your unique needs in further detail together. 

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