Patch and Vulnerability Management with Tanium

Legacy endpoint security solutions are failing modern organizations. They were built to protect limited, on-site systems that rarely changed over time. However, today’s CIOs and their teams are expected to manage countless endpoints distributed across diverse network configurations. Each comes with its own set of vulnerabilities that must be monitored in real-time to ensure performance. Security professionals now turn to Tanium for its comprehensive approach to endpoint patch and vulnerability management. 

Tanium Converged Endpoint Management 

Many organizations are struggling to keep up with a growing number of endpoints. They often confront a visibility gap coupled with increasingly complex data, technology, and operations. Just knowing how many endpoints there are in a given environment may be difficult, let alone time-consuming. 

Traditional, siloed legacy tools are no longer sufficient to secure most organizations. Despite spending billions of dollars on cybersecurity annually, ransomware attacks are at an all-time high. Enterprise attack surfaces are growing, endpoint technology is advancing, and present security challenges require careful coordination. This calls for IT and SecOps teams to converge around a single source of real-time data.  

Tanium steps up to address issues that arise from endpoint sprawl and siloed security systems. It created the world’s first converged endpoint management solution (XEM) that allows CIOs, CISOs, and their teams to discover and consolidate assets, manage vulnerabilities, ensure compliance, and apply patches throughout networks in a matter of minutes. This single platform supplies real-time visibility, control, and high-fidelity data from all endpoints across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. 

In these uncertain times, Tanium provides enterprises and governments with much-needed clarity. Its platform replaces multiple outdated point solutions with a single console containing a single set of APIs. That’s why the U.S. armed forces and more than half of the Fortune 100 trust Tanium to secure their systems, protect their people, and defend their data.  

Patch Management 

Not long ago, security professionals were responsible for manually installing patches and updates. This was costly and inefficient, and it often left critical systems vulnerable for extended periods of time. When it comes to patch management, today’s cloud and hybrid environments are simply too complex to support this outdated model. 

With Tanium’s XEM solution, even multinational organizations can patch their distributed endpoints with confidence. From mobile devices and dedicated workstations to servers, OT, and IoT networks, all endpoints are now within reach. This simplifies patching and monitoring by reducing complexity at every scale. 

Tanium provides real-time patch control and monitoring. Its platform allows enterprises to easily mitigate risk, reduce disruption, and maintain compliance and performance across their entire network. With Tanium, a single individual can distribute the latest patches to millions of devices in a matter of minutes. They can also get immediate feedback about patch success without the need for extra agents, relays, or databases. Patches can even be scheduled, customized to suit workflows, or activated according to advanced rule sets. 

Certainty is rare in cybersecurity. Tanium assures its users by delivering real-time analytical insights about patch effectiveness. It summarizes the deployment status of any patch, reports successes and failures, and displays patch histories for individual machines. Furthermore, Tanium also provides a detailed analysis and visibility of coverage percentages and outstanding patches. That way, security teams can rest assured that each of their network’s endpoints are secure, compliant, and up to date at all times. 

Vulnerability Management 

Legacy vulnerability management tools may prevent security teams from quickly gathering accurate data. They’re often slow, siloed, and inefficient, and they tend to produce blind spots where risks can hide. The need for a faster, unified, and comprehensive vulnerability management solution is clear. 

Tanium allows its users to manage countless vulnerabilities with a single platform. It delivers a seamless, real-time view of risk posture across an entire environment. This allows security teams to take a proactive and data-driven approach to vulnerability management.  

Tanium Comply provides users with a continuous risk score over time based on multiple key vectors like endpoint operating systems and vulnerability counts. It assesses endpoint vulnerabilities like compliance policies, insecure SSLs, expired certificates, password identification, and administrator access of active directory, users, groups, and permissions. Tanium’s users can also create, change, and enforce policies on endpoints whether they’re joined to a domain or not. This allows them to follow strict regulations, prevent future intrusions, and harden all endpoint configurations. 

With Tanium’s state-of-the-art XEM solution, users can find and remediate the largest drivers of their network’s risk. They can explore all endpoints with vulnerabilities and even assign weighted risk scores according to their unique environment. Tanium Comply features a common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) tab that clearly describes how endpoint vulnerabilities contribute to its system’s risk score. With a single click, users can view crucial details and relevant links, including a direct link to critical patch pages. This significantly reduces patching time and disagreement around conflicting data, allowing security teams to close gaps and deploy patches at once. 

Secure Your Environment 

Don’t let legacy security tools hold your team back. We can help you implement Tanium’s XEM platform to simplify your environment’s patch and vulnerability management process. We hope you’ll contact us to learn more about this innovative endpoint security solution today. 

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