Cohesity’s Modern Backup and Recovery Approach

Data is any modern enterprise’s most precious digital resource and, like any other valuable asset, it should be securely accessible at all times. Unfortunately, this valuable resource often becomes a costly and risky liability when mishandled. Data management service providers now face an ever-growing abundance of data fragmentation across different sources, silos, clouds, and software applications. Industry-leading cybersecurity firm Cohesity brings remarkable innovation to data backup, recovery, and fragmentation with their comprehensive solutions DataPlatform and DataProtect. We have chosen to explore the details and benefits of Cohesity’s modern data protection and recovery approach here. 


Traditionally, information technology (IT) operations like backup, analytics, file sharing and storage involve separate platforms which don’t share data or resources, and function without centralized control and monitoring. With little to no sharing of resources between these applications, file storage, monitoring, and recovery are rarely optimized, often leading to multiple unnecessary copies of data. In turn, this leads to compliance and security concerns, as well as reduced operational efficiency due to specialized management and coordination of various proprietary systems. 

Cohesity was founded with the goal of minimizing the impact of such fragmentation by streamlining the management of all secondary data. Their DataPlatform solution offers a single comprehensive platform for consolidating all essential files, backups, and test or developer copies. Cohesity’s DataPlatform accomplishes this by: 

  1. Reducing management complexity with a unified platform for end-to-end data protection; 
  1. Ensuring rapid system recovery points and near instantaneous recovery times; 
  1. Increasing file storage efficiency with scale-out, globally deduplicated storage; 
  1. Integrating seamlessly with all cutting-edge cloud providers to leverage the efficiency of their services; 
  1. Providing local data protection for deleted files, data corruption, application crashes, and viruses; 
  1. Enabling rapid recovery of individual machine files, data, and applications; 
  1. Retaining sensitive data long-term to satisfy compliance and regulatory requirements; and 
  1. Providing dependable off-site data protection and reliable disaster recovery. 

Cohesity provides the only fully integrated platform to significantly reduce the complexity of traditional solutions by uniting end-to-end protection infrastructures including file backup, storage, replication, disaster recovery, and cloud tiering. Cohesity’s DataPlatform works in tangent with DataProtect, a convergent backup and recovery solution which simplifies backup architecture by eliminating the need for individual software, proxies, media servers, and replication protocols. 


Cohesity offers its users various choices of backup software configurations. Their comprehensive DataProtect solution provides an end-to-end backup and recovery suite and is fully integrated with DataPlatform, but it also integrates seamlessly with many other existing backup products. This allows users the choice of employing various backup and recovery strategies by either: 

  1. Utilizing Cohesity DataProtect alongside DataPlatform; or 
  1. Leveraging Cohesity’s extremely efficient, web-scale storage capacity in conjunction with third-party data protection software (e.g. Commvault, Veeam, and NetBackup). 

With either option, teams can purchase what they require now, then scale-up as their data storage and backup needs grow, all while leveraging the latest technology on the market. However, DataProtect does offer its users a streamlined interface to manage and monitor all backup and recovery services from core to edge to cloud. It also provides ransomware protection, dramatically reduces recovery times without impacting performance, and can recover files, Virtual Machines, and application objects instantaneously. Furthermore, Cohesity allows users to privately manage their software as a service, partner directly with certified platforms such as Dell, Intel, and Cisco, or employ other trusted service providers on their behalf. 


Data is the new oil and arguably far more valuable to modern organizations. That said, IT professionals recognize the potential for data mismanagement and fragmentation to reduce operational agility and efficiency. Fortunately, innovative backup and disaster recovery tools such as Cohesity’s DataPlatform and DataProtect offer organizations exceptional control and visibility over various hardware and software applications involved in data protection. With the Cohesity platform, teams can ensure security, continuity, and compliance by eliminating individual infrastructure silos and minimizing unnecessary cost and complexity. If you’re interested in learning more about Cohesity, data backup and recovery, or cybersecurity in general, we encourage you to reach out and contact us. We’d love the opportunity to be your trusted IT advisor in the digital age. 

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