Do NOT Reuse the Same Password

I believe that 90% of the world reuses the same password(s) for their emails, banking, social media, etc. and we need to change that! Once your password has been compromised, it can be used to get into your banking website and so on. Even I was guilty of being lazy and reusing my passwords until recently. Each website and application we use should have a different password. To ensure password security, each password should be a minimum of 12 characters with different variations of numbers, symbols, and capitalization. Now you must wonder how am I suppose to remember 321987 different passwords? It seems daunting but there is an easy solution: use a password manager.

Using a Password Manager

Password managers are super useful and makes logging into all your different apps and website easily and securely. Your password manager comes with a password generator that allows you determine your password length and what variations you want to use. When you generate a password it DOES NOT mean it is a strong password. Often times I have to click generate a few times till I feel the password has enough variations to be a strong password. Here’s an example of what I consider a strong password, U@n!R64#jQb&Ae. Also, most password managers offer two-factor authentication which makes it more secure with facial recognition or your cell phone. There are free and paid versions, but you’ll have to do your own research to see what works best for you. You can find reviews on some popular password managers here.

I hope this gives you a little peace of mind. This way, if one of your accounts gets compromised they can’t get into your other accounts. Please share this with your friends and loved ones and let’s make life more difficult for hackers!

Disclaimer: All information above is the opinion of the author and is not advice you should rely upon without doing your own research. Using a different password for each app and website does not guarantee you are protected from hackers getting into your account.


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